Grey Diamonds:  A New Trend in Gemstones

When someone mentions the word diamond, most instantly have a mental picture of nearly colorless stone that seems as though it is on fire when hit by light.  The thought of colored diamonds seldom populate into mental pictures when the word is spoken.

However, colored diamonds are trendy and becoming more popular as people are beginning to understand them and their value.  The grey diamond is a perfect example of just such a colored gemstone.

Natural grey diamonds are becoming very popular due to their color and affordable price.  The sleek silvery color gives an elegant and sophisticated appearance while being stylish at the same time.

Additionally, being a neutral color means it can be used with other colors.  They are available in several different shades and shapes and are slowly gaining a large following amongst consumer and dealers alike.  However, many jewelers still feel that the dark colored diamond simply clashes with the traditional sense of a diamond.

Even though grey diamonds may not have an extensive history like that of white or colorless diamonds, it did find its way into royalty.  The earliest records of a grey-blue diamond date back to Philip IV of Spain and were used as dowry for his daughter and passed on to the House of Bavaria.  The massive diamond was 35.56 carats when it sold at a Christie’s in 2008.

Grey diamonds usually come as a secondary hue in other stones producing either cool or warm tones. But as a primary hue, the diamond is quite unique and has numerous shades they come in.  Natural Grey Diamonds are typically mined in Brazil, Russia, South Africa, India and Australia, and their grey color is a result of hydrogen being present in the gem.